Evouxolloctar (Evouxo) is the podium of Jesus Christ.

Evouxolloctar is being designed as a Christian school institution which has little permeability to the goings on in the outside world. We will offer franchises to build a burgeoning matrix of private schools.

Without Christianity, the ministry of education is a stampede nobody wants to know anything about.

A fiasco of ultimate extremes makes pupils want to go to school because they are truants of the whole duty of man.

A long time ago there was spiritual heritage, but nowadays there are pockets of resistance to it.

The aim of Evouxo is to derange acceptors of modern existence for no major reason other than avoiding seniors, particularly among those wearing the latest fashions in higher posts.

In the modern world of education even tranquillity requires subcutaneous instructions.

Modern schooling is based on commands, not interaction, and pupils are not speakers themselves whenever they can.

Revealing, for instance, detailed thorough examination of the pupil's mind, defence is dispelled, not discussed.

Pupils are exposed to menacing observations involuntarily.

Hysterical precautions are indispensable when they are later released.

The world is not an elemental atlas; it is taken right out of your hands.

Working in the same regular all-inclusive mob in schools is impossible unless there is an unconquerable cult which manhandles the end of the world.  

The apocalypse is the latest-to-date destruction of the earth.

Cravings for freedom recede and are disposed of in a bottomless single frame of spontaneous thought preset for the apocalypse.

The magnitude of damage upon combining people and the world is so immense that learning and skill prelude Armageddon.

Survivors in terms of the body is not familiar material nor a detailed calculation of life, nobody really knows.

You abandon every block, section, piece of life if you rummage through existence without a cult occurrence or happening.

Shake off, get rid of concentration, and prosper in other ways inadvertently.  

Go straight in again now into the fringes of life because prevention is better. There's nowhere to go up the middle.

Ancient dreams were effective for creating modern technology. The world was built on dreams joined together in series regarding human duties. 

Stay a little bit longer for the end of forever in your current existence not based upon observation.

According to experts, education is obviously synthetic, unless you were either educated by a seductor or seductress who won't leave you alone.

Schooling makes students subjects of the splendours of sluggishness in the strictest sequence of sense.

Sluggishness has no dogmatic regimental critical estimate because it is instrumental to modern education, with one slight alteration. It will be covert.      

Sneak and hide everything into the void by logging onto the internet, concern yourself with terminal giddiness instead.    

There is indication of structural collapse of action, thought.

It is not supposed everybody in the world has the totalizator of consciousness.

If the world wasn’t a big blob politicians would be capturing and encircling us.

Brainwashing is part of the problem, and there is no fluttering boycott.

Adjusting to freedom outside prison you are redetained by society afterwards.

Scholars will not be around forever before they are over and done with.

Answer one thing about planet earth beforehand, before school begins for fear of ridicule.

Repair crews of knowledge are not recognized as a priority or current issue, they extend beyond the real world.

Nobody wants to be blended with well-qualified people offering reviews, techniques and assistance.   

Dictatorships are the only way of getting through to people.

Most teachers provide a complacent address to their students, so there is no real education to resort to.

There’s no turning back when you are educated through non-intervention of judgement. 

A facade of obligations are near you to apply the brakes on.

Without Christianity every sector across the economy is doomed. But we don't need the economy anyway because life has regressed so much under it that we will never get it back again unless there are renegades at all events untraceable until the spirit shall return wearisomely.

This school yard is not a projection of learning unless parables overrule many.

The is no usage for soul searching because it is something already contained in the mind, not for salvation but as a resistant force.

Control yourself unwillingly because occasionally you are only defined once from some distance away.

Maybe commonly used areas of the brain will not be strictly valid.

Government creates lives of organised aloneness, that is why a cult is needed.

But most students don’t know their place in nature invading the world in a pledging way.

It’s too late to be stronger and stronger because culture has already plastered you with oppression, but God will prevail without contingency.  

Being an atheist, life is self-inflicted drawn-out manslaughter.

The beauty of Evouxo is that it will enchant not only students, but also adults, rectifying their unopenable innocence.

Adults adapt. The workforce would also be a potential child outing of if it didn’t have common use surplus to the teaching profession.

Adults distribute themselves with a child-like density per unit volume of shrewdness.

Once leaving school and going to work there is no way of working out what human nature is.

Childish pleasures: adults don't know what they were intended to illustrate, other than a toss-up whether they are self-made craziness or ways to redeem one's life.

The mind was not made to learn obvious things, no matter how distinct or valid or absolute.

Particular patterns of the planet are out of control, but they are commonly used nonetheless as a fly by.

Normal people live laborious and tedious lifestyles, which have no portraiture of aesthetic value.

This school is for those forever on their way from inhabitants of the Earth.

Welcome foreigners entering New Zealand in an unduly, improperly way.

Foreigners squirt up like a rocket and hurt you. 

Squalid suburbs not spherical make up most of New Zealand’s underground forces. 

Despite recent struggles around the world involving war we are renowned for being a pocket of resistance, because ever country has a fixed rate of physical concepts which are nobody’s business.

It is pointless thinking that earth is a turning, revolving planet because this is totalitarianism.

Pure insanity destroys preconceptions of life.

Words coming out of the mouth are impurities. 

Sublimate the mind and no longer speak when there is no room for questioning by spectators of your surroundings of rotten conditions.

In joint programmes and occasions speech is not entitled to interfere with them, whether through release or arrest.

Tumultuous subordinates are the harbingers of versality, easiness; make sure you don’t let it all go out into the free space of clearly viewed news companies

Only ignoramuses have organized perception.

Mustering a plight of the study of life is ready when you are only when education obstacles are hidden, just like the apparatus of life is.

Evouxo has a policy of Hymn Retrieval.

Every day at Evouxo school students are exposed to half an hour of music, anything from old folk songs to latter gothic music and the high amplitude heavy metal. 

high ampiltude of heavy metal. 

This music is a loud puzzling chronical which makes hell seem like a miserable shelter.

Rapid low pressure is a compressor. 

Take a prayer and your general behaviour will appreciably change if you listen to music of different genres which make you shudder.

Music is therapy because people learn and connect through passion.

It wouldn't be nice if conventionality gets hold of you.

Foster the local economy. The founders of typical run-of-the-mill international organisations and companies such as McDonalds are all referred to as a satanic tragedy. They should never be able to be seen in the world. Fence yourself off from them because they make you eat more without any signs of defection.

McDonalds has hunting skills for our appetite.

Predators appear in all the same place at once.

Bring demise to kitchens because they radiate with energy.

Why do futures resume if there is no future because it is diminished by transparency?

The presence of repulsion against society is naturally occurring.

All anarchical dreams come through with this hope of progress in all so many ways.

The pride and joy of head-banging in the sledge of education has no ridge or ceiling sighted among the noise.  

Keep warm by shaking your head is the place to go.

Repeated head-to-toe rifts are a new form of education.

Screaming is predicted as a realistic model of education because it does not have a dragging effect.

Education: Do think about it but don’t make it go into a thought.   

There is so much more to get into your head without needing an education.

The mind is fine even if it is not trained.

Well-endowed insanity has become more superior than reality, even if you are not shown an untruthfully measure of distraction from life.

In response to Jesus’ hysterical crucifixion, Evouxo is a fairy church.   

Without Christianity paths of life are right down the bottom of the ladder indefinitely.

Without a cult you are going one way, some the other, into hell.

Take a stand and freeze your position on earth.   

Jesus is a pretty good sort of a bloke as spirituality looms with reinforcement of a cult.

Cults last forever even if you have abused your body that much.

You wouldn’t be using life right if you test it individually.

By joining a cult, you avoid the atrocity of extensive police presence.

Harness gibberish before reality delivers a dismissal and crushing defeat to the senses hopefully forever more.

The interplay is fascinating due to a viable displacement of reason.

Through manipulation of impatience people are permeated by voluptuous abductors of remaining humankind.

Precautions protrude proportional to a probe parallel with the planet with precious properties of passing paradoxes of impassable unimpressionable potential repugnancy of displacement from religion. 

It's wrong absorbing trial and error methods of life.  

Enhance uncivilized ruffians by turning them into an ousted crew where the only precious reserves are made by the chief, God.

Let go of directions of life at an increasing rate of absurd transmissions impregnable.

Cramped accommodated housing of earth is frightening, it is time to go to a different planet where we are not mutilated by familiar things in our lives.

The main purpose of a Christian cult is for fanatics to follow it inevitably with no trace of a variety of other pastimes.

The components of death are things you reap.

Without a cult chance and opportunity decay in a universally accepted way.  

Glide along with neglect expressed in terms of atmospheres.  

Belonging to cult life has amused security requirements.

Nobody wants to be stuck on earth in official channels because they are a reign of evaporating supervisory capacity which is possibly even lost if it draws attention to oneself.

Situation apprasial of each day has no future potential. 

Hang onto pieces of the body which are neither straight nor upside down.  

In Evouxo there is guaranteed distortion of the brain with unprecedented ominous tremor-ridden glacial cold where politicians don’t exert themselves strongly with inexorable coolness already operating.

Politicians are out of touch with succulent deep peace, which should occur daily, for everyone.  

Life is uninhabitable horror unless you find temporary hiding places not of the shape of the planet.

This pertains to the very first injection of Christ.

Unless you can tolerate chill you have a poor relation, a disaccustom, with the planet.

The world contains everything in it apart from an entranceway in front of you. Evouxolloctar is the entranceway.

Modern culture is an internally reflected facade.

Evouxo is a salvageable carryover of the great mass of the blundered apparatus of the world.

Devoid of Christianity there is a finishing capacity for opportunities, threats and idealism.

Heaven is the best place to go, even for bad people who have rebelled against authoritarianism and people alike, because it is the system which is a descendent of crime. You must leave at once, no rush.

Evouxo is not a benchmark, it is a reign not subjected to the forces of the marketplace.

A raid of coolness brings much into the world delivered to you.

If there is a slim chance that global warming is pictured in the earth it will require a seemingly limitless reconnaissance of the human race.

The Earth has frozenness to spare, indicated by the high concentration of people staying cool, separately from individual forces.

Much loved independent living is a farce haven, not a mythological setting.

Branch out to strong atmospheric coolness in all that you are doing.

There are so many thigs we need to share, such as brainlessness.

Heat vanishes broader and deeper into a vacuum of singular power.

We live in a climate where surroundings are a strange sporadic stampede of ghosts. This is called a ghost climate. On closer observation this is no soap opera.

Tremulous chill in all single-source spectrums of survival of several standards of self-control is frightening.

Purport carrying on living with an exposure to brilliantly staged ghosts.

Evouxo is a stimulating interpretation of bible pursuits heavily laden with rhetoric without generative forces of practical uses by private means. 

There is no justification needed for infinity to be instantly enduring proportional to antireflection of nerve activity.

What is best, change or no change? Add something to life no more.

Disagreeable circumstances have a possible effect of incurring risk essentially complete.

Whatever you want out of life there is an influx of heating losses.

Evouxo delivers messages without a radius or circumference and the energy associated with them, and without solid normal daytime interfaces.

You're not the one that's supposed to know what's happened.

That's it there, you're gone.

That's it there, you're gone. You’ve got no choice, you’ve got to have your mass removed.

Overall progress in life is slurred and concealed for a long long time unconditional.

This is a disappearance of single right track abundance of thoughts overhead.

You can’t get over all of the remnants of knowledge acquired through schooling. 

Several instances of administration measures fall apart under most conditions of schooling.

Whatever you study you become a geek not daring anything except dredging immediately followed by lessons. 

Characteristic mannerisms are a passage into the void of daily life, which leads to eventual tragedy.

Normal students are not even focused on the discharge of circumspection.

Ice does not permit the repulsion and reconverting of desk-bound teaching.

Enhance uncivilized ruffians by turning them into an ousted crew where the only chief is God.

Modern teaching is known for its swift mechanical care.

Forego school teachers for alternative forms of life.

Class rooms are commonplace conferences.

Carry out and control potential segments of dormant information gathering.

Contributing to knowledge is not attractive even if there is a possible connection between pupil and teacher, but the relationship obviously changes when the pupil becomes subordinated, all to no avail over such a so long time.

Also, prevent your mother or father from being capable of properly bringing you up in this scarcely ever-changing world of precise demands.

It’s probably after that when you develop adult characteristics, but this is purely speculative.

More specifically release educational resources at their height of lingering above earth you visit rather than converge with.

The time has come to not refer to Earth as from a natural origin, because naturalists are the enemy.

Denial of conservativeness is a social duty maintained constantly in all diverging directions not selected or recorded as a temporary convenience.

Once there was a world without anything in it apart from scary puppets (Floppy human peers).

Extensive knowledge bases make no apology; this is a form of full-scale people trafficking nestled in the mind. 

Surrounding oneself with knowledge without any construction inbetween is the secret to tumbling the mind's existence. 

Sudden lodging of fanatism of the mind are a mainstay.

Evouxo has desolate foundations of people, places and events.

(It’s all happening here)

According to science life should not be considered an existence of possible stimuli.

The scientific revolution is a frontier too horrifying to imagine.

Evouxo is a numb brigade unblemished by feelings.

Behaviour never serves you as your identity capsizes.

Evouxo uses the principle of ‘Face Drapes.’

Drape a dark Gothic curtain veil netting drawing thicker over the face as the last line of defence against straight-laced people.

Do not dress accordingly, but dress in a despicable and shabby way day to day. Don’t wear a school uniform, they are indirect effects of a sterile effort of base routines which are not an ethical or spiritual contribution to Christianity. Do not be encased in regular fashion because it is a groundless and unmotivating exhibition of oneself.

The opportunity to build your own character is an essential school principle.

Materialize freedom as an unnatural, cruel way of putting one's affairs in order.

School costumes are banalities slowly crystalizing for the last honours of people hunted down by education.

Normal people are colourful strangers.

A world of strangers is not an evil, it just creates more fear as a souvenir.

Absolutely put a black lace over your previewed face without the power of sympathy of teachers.

Faces do not have frontal expanse in line with the universe.

Rekindle Christianity in a swooping manner.

The betterment of humanity without Christianity is infuriating.

Without Christianity you adapt oneself to a situation of negligence, which is good because it does not improve or increase mind power.

Without Christianity more repulsiveness is waiting for you without reconnaissance of elusive spirits in a single loop.    

Every species is to blame. Even vultures have to appear at the altar. Life really is to kind.  

Engage in curious sublime religion rather than being noncommittal.

Turn the Earth right around its orbit so that is not present in your face.

It's too long to turn life back int a circular uniform thickness yet again.

The earth is not the central point of the galaxy unless religion has an impact.

Life really is too kind to eternally embrace.

The world was built in the wrong galaxy. Don't take it personally.

Hooray, you must be at the opposite side of the galaxy, not deciding to turn back to automatic exposure on earth which needs rearranging.

This is a super-cooled rescue mission for those bouncing back from political discussion.

Summer induces a shiver reaction.

Enter a profusely funky realm extending out of sight in all directions.

Many Catholic students whine and moan and everything else inbetween. Nobody deserves this. They can't repair this themselves, they need the backing of Christianity, not the process of formation of atheism.

Going to school you will encircled by gothic pleasantries at their peak.

The mind is a strange and pleasurable downfall of reason.

Experience greater forces than harmony coming at you in opposite directions obtained by the rate of change by someone else.

Life is a terrible habit if you go digital because you will be made sterile. Have a preference for the surreal.

As far as corporeal punishment goes, have gratitude of the ways and means of carrying on as if nothing has happened because somebody will be there to pick you up.  

This depends on what corporeal punishment entails. It could be mind boggling not comparable to academic standards where you don’t know what reception you are going to get.

You are guaranteed to freeze if you don't have proper rough handling.

You won’t be able to do anything unless teachers push you in a great variety of ways unmentionably.

You must accept being an unstable mass of energy as a constituent of binding with others in an undetected way.

There is something on somewhere that doesn't involve life, and commercial leadership does not help.

The prospect of being shielded from stark and bare evildoers stifles the Devil as much as official authorities.

The devil doesn’t sit in hell all of the time, he penetrates earth through dangerous frozen chilled ice conditions without advanced proof of temperature.

Niceties are to be dangling in hell, echoing insensible human misery. Remove yourself from it while remaining at the scene.

Loving-kindness is negativism. There is more love in the world than this any day of the week you want without the need of leading sentimental specialists and other traps.    

Part course with any loyalty to reality, manoeuvre yourself out of it without employing proper objectives of the return journey of manhood.   

Atheists are averse to floating love.      

Sedate regular life then it will have potentialities.

This is absolutely no different to sanctuaries made by God.   

Follow God immediately otherwise your life will go nowhere on a regular basis.

Strangeness is greater than the disappearance of fellows.

You’ve just got to be a wee bit careful because life doesn’t reverse due to competitive opportunities.

Several other steps have to be taken to enhance the vigour of the enterprise, but this is a matter of lesser importance than the appropriate deployment of submissiveness.

You may as well be interventionist to everyday regular priority settings of culture.

The lord possesses captives of culture.

Religion is a power so big that it is capable of shredding constellations.

If you are too delirious to find what you want out of life, seek advisement from those already dead, and compete with the devil. Show time!  

Don’t be frightened by perpetual death; modern movements are scarier.    

When you die life never returns as a commandment.

Mourning does not have functional requirements because life has already exerted its force.

Even mourning is swell if it has no universally measured frequency by detectable broadcasts.

As business moves forward life is a raw instrument compared to death.

Without a tribunal the Earth opens to elaborate advisory sleep without physical attributes.

Life is discreet and tactical abuse for the ungrateful.

Christianity is a death workshop. It is not stage-trained.

This is not a standard death; later appearances of life still resume in their finest role.

As a cult we surpass all other convergences, which seems an impossible task unless we are able to extricate ourselves from sacrificial cross-sectional religions.

It is a major tactical advantage to Europeanize the world.

We are not white supremacists. Believe in life-enhancing activities such as turbo collectivization.    

Assimilate ourselves into the slippery slackness of semi-transparent sequestered service of being servants, and all our routes will converge.

If you are in the middle of the caldron of multi-cultural societies just getting organized is a chore.

People piled up together not communicating because they don’t speak the same lingo.

Without togetherness you will be admitted to a mental institution.

There is no good carrying on living life if there is no comradery.

Incoming segmentation will destroy New Zealand.

There is an inverted assessment of social frequencies.

In multi-cultural societies we are all beast neighbours.  

Social adhesion no longer refers to observed sociality reflection.

Refugees not of Christian origin inject nothing into the country's already divisible utilities. Choose well when you connect with people or you wouldn’t have never known if you had friends at all.

This leads to insanity. Patrons of premier prefiguration of established mental health institutions live in abstract seclusion in their spare time, when they are allowed out, which is never.

The saddest part of all is geniality goes down an uneventful drain.

In modern society we are tightly curled up with others who don’t have anything in common with us.

Thumbs up is not the way it’s going to be on the first calculation of cultures.

There are accusations that there is no direction or oneness in the world anymore. The result, effect of this is that there are inclassable latecomers to the world of Christianity.

Friendships and other studied subjects are massively reduced.

Only Christ delivers untold serenity.

Crucifixion is a wanton stretch.

In here there are sprawling stories of self-sacrifice spreading all around.  

Christ is glory in chains to love and behold.

Google plucks angels from the sky. 

Facebook (Meta) is for those with plainlooking frames of mind. This is embarrassing, useless.

On Facebook there is an innumerable rendezvous with geeks which is quite nauseating.

People on Facebook are interior homosexuals. Heterosexuality is vanquished and is no longer a compulsion.

Bring out the best of your personality by being gay on Facebook because it is the foundation of all perception.

Absolutely destroy social media because it has become institutional.

Face berths are a threshold.

Facebook and You Tube are a gazing agency.

This has massive consequences for the arrival and departure of the ego.

Twitter (X) is for big greedy birds. 

Wiki is wicked. You can actually see a lot more when you are blind to knowledge.

You Tube is full of a brigade of pompous rubbish; if you continue it for a little longer your mind will become a revolving levelheadedness inertial or noninertial, if you wonder what the difference means to the right receiver.

Exterminate prestigious personal profiles on the internet grouped together with closed connections conducive due to censorship.  

On social media precious friendship becomes a never heard again lingering within boundaries instantly.

Social media is strict proof of an ambush of modes of thinking in all backgrounds and situations.

Suppress irresistible pretentions and permanence of social media respectively.

The legacy of Christ will never be over because he is still alive from now on not as a resident of Earth.

This is a Christological express with opposite assertions to visible possessions.  

It is difficult to distinguish between prayer and reflection if you are a outdone by weirdos gradually spreading around the world without geographical guidance.

Happier circumstances do not require topological observations.

Sleep is harnessed with the completion of warmth, making it an important occupation of smuggling operations bound for the big chill.

The sky has a best used by date because it is God’s wish to be cautious, wary of deceiving people.

Christ escaped earth, which means anyone can.  

Ritualized talent ceases while you are under supervision.

Personal boosts correspond with nothing without a cult spectrum or foundation.

Things don’t happen in life, they happen in death because it has more provisions of darkness.

We are not visionaries; we operate under God’s will to make our needs known in exaggerated form.

Adoration is annoying unless it involves worship.  

Love encapsulates the direction of God, otherwise it is stupefied power.

The envious personification of Christ is up for grabs. Gripping for God is preliminarily confronting anytime of life's functional autonomy extensively analysed.

Faithful handling of human life is removed otherwise.  

Fashionable schooling is a big thing if the ruffian of education becomes a typical trend. 

If you refuse to accept the link between broadcasting and teaching you must be autistic or sheltered from Earth otherwise.

Jesus is answerable to everybody, even if you are in aerial observation of hell.

Life is the negation of abstract rehabilitation making life impenetrable to experience itself.

Visibly transform hell into heaven as a begrudgingly arbitrary task.

Plead for personal crises because nothing really matters except for starvation and suffering. 

Life is a posh mass suicide when death has a massive presence as a succession of moods and their successor: ancestral bondage.

All around the areas of death there is perversion as currently required as a vivid contrast to the overall pattern of mutual behaviour.

Anything previously planned by humans is not our salvation, it is a collective death.

You are caught out equivalently by death and practical consequences of life.

Consecutive punishing conditions are bottomless.

There are major delays to be surveyed to immediately recall you from imperviousness.

Make death a good habit featuring in your life in a synergistic manner.

People with absolutely no intention of stopping habitual life are yuppies.

Without a cult you are exposed to thinking for yourself after many struggles and setbacks difficult to identify gaps in.

Outside of a cult you are ordered by the unravelling of organized ideas and other scientific insights.

Atheists are derived from the same unfaithfulness beneath heaven.

Nihilists fill the world on closer inspection of imaginative concepts out of vogue.  

Christian synagogues bring power to the peerless people on the exterior of capturing movement not in encamped real settings. 

Urbanely gothic people are fighting for survival which is not prevailing for them or embodying them.

Don’t let benchmark maidservants of Christ become abandoned objects.

Christ has a gorgeous grip on life whatever you are up to.

These are things your neurologist won’t tell you.

Inspect the Eucharist if you encounter problems with recreation.

Atheism is a dreadful and terrible break away from mysterious milestones of self-revelation. You don’t even know you're doing it if lifestyles are resolved at this level.  

Normal personality traits crash and are not expected to resume because torments are not expected to arrive.

Safety directions are humiliating after your exorcisms. 

You’ve got to believe in that before you comply any further.

Atheism is a bluffing from gory acquaintances.

From the rim of life there is no forecasted meteorological motion.

Atheists do not have authentic togetherness or equality. They are rotten evidence of humanity without a sifter to secure their objectives.   

Atheism is moulded in richly diverse digital distress rather than wayfaring worship.

The turning point of iconic salvation from the crammed rowdy procession of life comes by default.

Evouxo goes against the automated pillars of society serviced by atheists.

Brightness is secret while everyone has adequate distribution of the strange alliance with darkness.

Being divorced from everything is no major if you have anticipation, expectation of the unforeseeable. 

This culminates in a floating incompressible vague out-of-control Catholicism to be transfixed by surreptitiously to evade the issue of an infestation of objectivity.   

Life is a mischievous biological sacrifice.  

Traditional institutions offer resocialization for delinquents who discuss things together intrusively.

It does not make sense to stay out there in life because there is too much mischievous managerialism as a buoyant force where applicable.

Being a Christian is obviously a challenge in this unattended descent into cross-sectional religions which have no symmetries, parallelism, or equivalence.

But there’s too much to lose with if you are prejudicial.

Right from the start, coloured people resemble white people; it does not take a physics experiment to know this.

Look everywhere for a saturation of virtues and only the Holy Ghost will supply devices and materials for common application on a vaster scope than a mere conjecture.